Bumps in Throat

What Are These Bumps in My Throat?

Open up and say ahhhhh… You might be saying to yourself “so what are these bumps? Bumps in throat! They look unnatural! Do I need to rush to the emergency room?!” No… No… The medical term for these bumps are sub-epithelial lymphoid tissue. Whenever there’s an infection in your throat these bumps appear. They are bumps associated with lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are small white blood cells that carry out missions for the immune system. So basically those bumps in your throat are a normal immune system response to an infection.

Lymphocyte (shown above)


I learned this from my doctor. I ended up in the emergency room one evening because I thought I was having an allergic response to something. And you know how one thought leads to another and you start thinking there’s something seriously wrong. But don’t worry! Like I said above, it’s only an immune system response. There’s no need to panic. If you’re having trouble breathing, then you should seek medical help immediately. It’s most likely a throat infection and most throat infections are caused by minor infections.

There are several reasons why you could have an infection and bumps in your throat. It could be a viral infection like a cold, flu or something more serious like mumps. The latter being rare. It could also be caused by a bacterial infection like strep throat, infection of tonsils, or (in very rare cases) a sexually transmitted disease. If you smoke or have allergies, these can also cause your throat to become irritated and that would cause the bumps.

White splotches typical of strep throat (shown above)


Those bumps in throat (sub-epithelial lymphoid tissue) are always there but not always visible unless there’s an infection. The cluster of these immune cells get larger when there’s an infection that’s why they become visible.


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